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Milk Powders are made by spray drying of liquid milk. The main reason of spray drying the liquid milk into milk powders is to have a longer shelf life also it doen’t need to be refrigerated, another reason of drying the milk is the powder’s reduced transport cost. There are different type of Milk Powders, however the first two are most known and widely used:

  • Whole Milk Powder (can be instant too)
  • Skim Milk Powder or also known as a Nonfat Milk Powder
  • Buttermilk Powder

Milk Powders are widely used in many applications: ice cream, bakery, dairy drinks, infant formula, nutritional products and other applications.

Milk Protein Concentrates, is a concentrated milk product that contains high percentage of proteins, there are different percentages of MPC.
Sodium Caseinate is a soluble milk protein powder used in application where binding and emulsification properties are important
Whey Powders are made by spray drying the whey liquid after cheese production and are high in lactose. 
There are different type of Whey Powders:
  • Sweet Whey Powder
  • Acid Whey Powder
  • Demineralized Whey Powder
  • Deproteinized Whey Powder (also known as a Whey Permeate)

WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) is a mixture of dairy proteins isolated from whey which is the liquid material created as a by-product of cheeseproduction.

Dairy Powders, Whole Milk Powder Replacer or Skim Milk Powder Replacers.
Dairy Powders products (milk replacers) replace totally or partially either full cream milk powder or skimmed milk in a wide range of applications such as ice cream, chocolate, chocolate coating, bread and pastries, confectionery custard, dairy drinks…
  • Very high quality emulsion
  • Very smooth mouth feeling
  • High and constant quality
  • Excellent organoleptic results
  • Significant savings on your end products
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • others
  • High quality Milk Replacers for young animals (calves, piglets, lambs and kids)
  • Dairy Concentrate for Milk Replacer manufacturing or other applications in feed mills or farms
  • Whey Permeate with high Lactose.
  • Whey Powder suitable for feed formulations
  • Fat Filled Whey Powders with 50% Whey Powder & 50% Vegetable Fat
  • Lactose